The Easy Way To Install Laminate Wood Flooring On Your Own

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The Easy Way To Install Laminate Wood Flooring On Your Own

4 November 2014
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One way you can refresh the look of your home is by getting rid of the old carpeting and restoring your hardwood floors. Even if you do not have original hardwood, it is easy to get the same look using laminate wood flooring. The installation process is easy, and you can do it on your own.

Measuring The Floor

Before you buy your materials, you will need to measure the room that you will be installing the laminate floor in. Simply measure the width and length of the room to determine the square footage, and purchase the appropriate amount of flooring.

You might want to add an additional 10% onto it so you have extra floorboards. That way you are covered in case some pieces do not have the right color, you damage them during the installation process, or you need replacement floorboards down the road.

Preparing The Floor

All remnant of the old carpeting will need to be removed. This includes nails, glue, tack boards, and anything else that would make interfere in making the floor level. If the floor has issues with dips, you can purchase a leveling compound from your local home improvement store to raise them up.

Installing The First Row

You will start at a corner of the room by placing the first board on the floor, with the two tongue sides of the board touching the walls. Complete the first row by locking the tongue of the next board into the previous board's groove. The final piece will need to be cut with a chop saw to fit in the room.

Installing The Second Row

In order to give your floor a staggered pattern, you will need to cut the fist board of the next row in half. This board will then fit into the grooves of the boards you laid down in the first row, locking together nicely. Once again, trim the final board so that it fits in the room against the opposite wall that you started at.

For each additional row, keep staggering the boards by starting the row with a full board or half board.

Installing The Last Row

The last row of flooring will be trimmed lengthwise to fit into the room. Measure the gap between the edge of the wall to the second to last row of floorboard, and subtract ¼ inch. When measuring the boards you will cut, measure from the tongue side of the board. Do not factor in the length of the tongue, that will be inserted into the groove of the second to last row. Make your cut along the groove side as well, making sure not to accidentally chop off the tongue. If measured correctly, there should not be issues with the pieces locking together and fitting against the wall.

Finish the job by installing a half-inch molding around the perimeter of the room to hide any gaps left by the laminate flooring.

With the molding in place, your new wood floor will be installed and look great! If you need help ask companies like Empire Hardwood Floors for assistance.