When Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter, Don't Forget The Gutters!

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When Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter, Don't Forget The Gutters!

3 November 2016
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Winter is coming and your home depends on the roof and gutters to keep water and ice from causing potential damage. Make repairs to your roof before the winter winds blow, and make an effort to get your gutters ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Flush your gutter system. Before winter, flush out the troughs of your home's gutters. Use a garden hose and a little bit of dishwashing liquid to clean the segments, and to remove any debris, trash, or leaves that are clogging up the troughs. You may want to invest in an extender for your hose or rent a pressure washer for the day to make the task more efficient.

Reinforce the troughs to prevent sagging. If your gutters sag, they run the risk of breaking loose and causing damage. Double-check the segments to ensure they are securely attached to one-another, as well as adjust and tighten the downspout. A heavy wind can send a heavy gutter flying, which can subsequently cause damage, injury, and expense.

Make time to repair and replace troughs. The time to repair your gutter system is before winter, when snow and ice could be an issue. Make sure that the segments don't leak and that there are no cracks or gaps. Leaking can result in a build-up of ice and the weight can compromise performance of the entire gutter system, clogging the troughs and creating water damage.

Prime and paint, if you please. When your gutters are clean, dry, and secure, you may want to take the time to touch-up the paint and make them look their best. Depending on the climate, you may find that winter takes a toll on painted gutters and they may require repainting in the spring. Ask home improvement retailers about sealants for your gutters, specifically for metal or resin gutters.

Spend some money on gutter-guards. The best way to protect your gutters is with a cover, such as a gutter-guard. These fit down over the troughs to allow for the passage of water, but for nothing else.

Take some time to tend to your home's gutters and protect your roof from winter's worst. Use these tips to prepare your roof's gutters for whatever weather comes, and to prevent potential property damage in the process!  For more detailed and personal assistance, talk to a professional in your area such as Advanced Seamless Gutter & Roofing Inc.