3 Tips to Prepare for a Home Remodel

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3 Tips to Prepare for a Home Remodel

14 November 2016
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Remodeling your home can easily turn your life upside down. Being prepared for the project can help you get through the process with reduced headache and frustration. The following three tips will help you get prepared for your upcoming renovation.

Identify a Storage Space Ahead of Time

Before you can start your home remodel, whether you're remodeling one room or several rooms, you may need to clear out the space that's being renovated. Your contractor will tell you what can stay and what needs to go, but it's likely that the majority of your stuff will need to be cleared from the area. To make this step as simple as possible, find somewhere to store your stuff. If you have room in your house, like in the garage, then you're lucky. Clear yourself some floor space and plan to park the car in the driveway for several weeks.

If you have no space to put your extra stuff, look outside your property for a storage area. Consider having a portable moving container delivered to your property, or inquire at your local storage facilities about short term leases. As you're looking, work with your contractor to find out how long the remodel will take. This will help you find a storage option that is right for your needs.  

Protect Items from Dust

Even after you've cleared the furniture and items from the room or rooms where the remodel will be happening, dust may still spread to adjacent rooms of the house. Put away sensitive electronics and other items that could easily be damaged by dust for the duration of your renovation.

Make Alternative Arrangements

Some remodels make it difficult or impossible to conduct normal life. For example, kitchen remodels can make it almost impossible to prepare simple meals. Avoid problems by setting up a make-shift kitchen in your home's garage. Set up your refrigerator, a table and a camping burner for cooking light meals. If your kitchen cabinets are being replaced, you may even ask your contractor to put your old cabinets in the garage to hold food. This will enable your family to prepare simple meals at home, even when the kitchen is completely unusable.

This same idea applies to remodels in other rooms. If your sole bathroom is being remodeled, you may need to arrange for a portable toilet to be delivered to your home. Talk to your contractor to find out for sure.

Preparing in advance for your home's remodel will help the project go more smoothly. For more information about preparing for your home remodel, talk to a contractor like Alleva Construction, Inc. They can give you suggestions that will be specific to your home renovation.