Tired Of The Plain Concrete Of Your Patio? A Few Ways To Spruce Things Up A Bit

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Tired Of The Plain Concrete Of Your Patio? A Few Ways To Spruce Things Up A Bit

22 November 2016
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If you are tired of looking at the drab concrete area that makes up your patio, here are a few ways to change that. Concrete does not have to be dull, gray slabs positioned next to each other. Contact a concrete contractor and ask about different options for changing your patio concrete. To help you understand what can be done, here are a few of the more common ideas. You may even be able to do some things yourself.


There are dyes, stains, and paints for concrete. This will allow you to paint a design on the floor. You can use stencils or a pattern to create a picture theme for the area. Some stains will actually etch into the concrete and chemically change the color. It is a good idea to use a sealant over any stain, dye, or paint to keep the color and prevent it from being rubbed off.

Scoring or Cutting

Professional concrete service people can score it or use a concrete saw and cut it. You can create any design you like with these techniques. It is up to you whether you then use a grout between the pieces. Of course, if it is a simple geometric design, the grout can make it more noticeable.


Adding sand or pebbles to the top of the concrete and then a thin overcoat will give the area texture. This can be a good idea if the patio gets wet often as it will make it slip-proof. Different substances can be added to create a beautiful texture design.

Combining Methods

You do not have to use only one of the techniques to create a unique patio floor. Have the design cut into the concrete and then paint it. This can create a mosaic design. Your patio will look like little tiles have been arranged to make the pattern. Decide exactly what you want the patio to look like, and then consider the different techniques concrete workers can do to give you the look you want.

Whether your patio is covered, and off the back door of your home, or out in the middle of your yard, it should have its own look. Consider what you do on your patio and decide on a theme. Once you have the concrete done, it may turn into your favorite outdoor area. It can become a great place to enjoy evenings with the family.

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