Window Options for Different Types of Exterior Finishes

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Window Options for Different Types of Exterior Finishes

29 November 2016
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Replacing the windows in your home can be a good improvement for energy efficiency and renovations. It can also mean that there are some challenges when it comes to choosing the new windows. Several types of windows can be used for your window-replacement project. Some windows are designed for replacements, and others have different types of trim and materials. Depending on the exterior finish of your home, you may want to use one type of window or another. Here are some of the types of exterior finishes you may have on your home and the windows that work best:

1. Masonry Finishes and Replacement Windows

Masonry is one of the types of finishes that can be most difficult to work with when it comes to replacing windows. The easiest solution for this type of finish is to use replacement windows, which are a special type of window designed to fit inside existing casings. These windows can also be used on other types of finishes as an alternative to installing completely new windows. The replacement windows will have to be measured and made to fit the existing opening, and this can take more time than some of the other options. Sometimes, you may find standard-size replacements in stock.

2. New Windows with Siding Finishes

New windows can be the best solution for homes with siding finishes. All you need to do is measure the openings to order the new windows. The siding may need to be cut back or removed when the windows are installed. Once the new windows are installed, the siding can be replaced, and the repairs will be barely noticeable. With vinyl siding, sometimes you can just remove the nails to install the window and then nail it back in place. Make sure you seal around the windows with caulking after the windows have been replaced.

3. Updated Windows with a Stucco Exterior

Windows with a stucco exterior may be difficult to replace. No matter what type of window you use, you will want to be careful not to cause stress cracks in the stucco work. Replacement windows may be the best option for this type of exterior finish. With synthetic stucco, you can also use new windows, but the stucco will need to be cut back and patched as well as repainted when the project is finished.

These are some of the different types of exterior finishes and windows that work best for replacements. If you are ready to update your home with new windows, contact a window-replacement contractor and talk with them about some of these improvements. 

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