3 Tips For Avoiding Common Remodeling Mistakes

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3 Tips For Avoiding Common Remodeling Mistakes

30 November 2016
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If you are getting ready to remodel part of your home, here are three tips that will help you avoid some common remodeling pitfalls that many people end-up falling for. 

#1 Always Have a Back-Up Fund

When you plan for a remodel, you likely know you need a budget. This budget should be how much you want to spend on your remodel and should help guide your material purchasing decisions as well as guide how labor intensive your remodel should be.

However, in addition to your budget, you need to have a back-up or contingency fund. Even if you worked hard on planning your budget, there could be things that come up unexpectedly that are impossible to ignore.

For example, perhaps your contractor figures out that your foundation is unstable or that part of your plumbing system needs to be replaced. Or, perhaps the material that you planned on using is not available and the only other alternative costs more. Either way, you want to have some back-up funding for the things that you can't plan for so that you do not have to halt construction if something happens or you get into a sticky financial situation. 

#2 Always Have a Design Planned

Some homeowners want to go into a remodel without a plan; they want to make decisions on the go. However, this is not a smart idea. To start with, without a solid plan on what you want done, you will not be able to create a solid budget. Going in without a plan, budget wise, only works if you have an unlimited budget to begin with.

Next, going in without a specific design plan will make it difficult for the contractors that you work with to make progress. They will have to consult with you on every decision that needs to be made, and will not be able to work continuously. This can be very frustrating for contractors and could end up resulting in higher labor bills for yourself since your contractor will not be able to make a plan to work on your remodel in the most efficient manner. 

#3 Let Your Contractor Purchase Your Material 

It can be tempting to go out and buy all the material for your remodel, such as the tile for your bathroom or the insulation for your add-on. However, you should resist purchasing the material yourself.

Generally, contractors get to purchase the same material as you at marked down prices. They are able to order simple material that they use over and over again, like building insulation, in bulk, reducing the overall cost of the material. They even get a discount on things like tile or shower heads, even if they purchase them at the same home store that you do. 

You can actually keep material costs down by allowing your contractor to purchase all the material instead of going out and doing this yourself.

These three tips will help ensure that you avoid some common remodeling pitfalls and have a smoother remodeling experience. Talk to companies like Parsa Construction to learn more.