Are You Sending The Right Message? What Your Office Says About You

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Are You Sending The Right Message? What Your Office Says About You

9 December 2016
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When someone walks into your office, what would you imagine comes to their mind? Hopefully, it's that you're a well-organized, productive professional. However, the condition of your office space might send the opposite message. Learn how others judge you based on the condition of your workspace.

You're In Over Your Head

Are there piles of unread documents and old food wrappers scattered around your office? If the answer is yes, your coworkers probably walk into your office and make an immediate assumption that you have a larger workload than you can handle.

The stacks of papers represent unfinished tasks and the leftover food wrappers mean you don't even have the time for a decent meal. When a superior walks in and sees this, they may be less likely to promote you or give you greater responsibility as they might assume you can barely handle your current task load.

You Are Unorganized

Nothing screams unorganized more than a cluttered office. When your coworkers view you in this light, this makes them less confident to work with you. If you're disorganized they are likely to assume that you are also unreliable, which isn't a label you want attached to you in the workplace.

Even when things are chaotic you can give the appearance of control by making sure everything is put up neatly around your office. If storage is limited, ask for authorization to have a new office cabinet system installed to provide a neat and secure place for everything.

You Aren't Professional

Most companies allow their employees to express their own personal style in their private office space. However, there are limits. You can add your own touch, but don't forget that it is still a professional, work environment. Leave your rare toy memorabilia and humor posters for your house.

Keep in mind that your office isn't just for employees. There are times when you might need to host a potential client in the space. They may be skeptical and wonder just how seriously you take your job if your office looks more like a college dorm than a professional atmosphere. Decorate, but also be conscious about where you are.

One of the best things about an office space is the fact that you have complete control over it. If your office is sending the wrong message about you and your work effort, transform the space and everyone's view of you.