More Than Just Cracks In The Wall: 3 Tips To Repairing Exterior Damage And Stopping Leaks

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More Than Just Cracks In The Wall: 3 Tips To Repairing Exterior Damage And Stopping Leaks

25 March 2018
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Exterior finishes like stucco, brick, and siding should protect your home, but weather can damage these materials. If leaks go unnoticed, damage often gets worse and leads to water problems inside your home. Therefore, it is important to have repairs done correctly and promptly, especially with materials like stucco. Here are some tips to help deal with exterior leaks that lead to leaks and water damage:

1. Routine Inspection for Damage on Exterior Finishes

Routine inspection of the exterior of your home is an important part of regular upkeep. For your roofing, you may have a professional roofing contractor assess your roof and any maintenance or repair needs. For the exterior of your home, you can do a visual inspection for signs of damage to materials like brick or siding. If you have a stucco finish, it is better to have a stucco professional inspect your home like you would have done for your roof. This is because the damage to exterior stucco finishes is often difficult to see and a professional will be able to identify any problems that need repairs.

2. Protecting Vulnerable Areas from Runoff and Water Damage

There are also many areas of exterior finishes that are vulnerable to runoff from the roof edges. This is often in areas where there are not any eaves or were the top edge of exterior finishes may be slightly exposed. In these areas, installing a special drip edge or metal flashing that extends past the finished surface of exterior materials will help prevent water from getting into the walls of your home and causing serious problems.

3. Have Even the Smallest Repairs Completed to Stop Problems from Growing

Some exterior finishes are likely to have small problems that grow into bigger problems. With materials like vinyl siding problems such as cracks and loose materials only get worse. The cracks in siding can allow water to get behind the materials and damage the structural framing of your home, and when siding begins to fall off an exterior, it will continue to take other pieces with it. Stucco is another material that is vulnerable to damage, which is often difficult to see. Water can get behind stucco and cause water problems, which can eventually lead to it falling off the wall. The water that gets behind stucco can cause serious mold issues if it goes unnoticed for too long.

These are some tips to help deal with exterior damage that could cause leaks and severe water damage to your home. If you have a stucco exterior, you will want to contact a stucco repair service like MR. STUCCO MAN to deal with these problems before they start to grow out of control.