Three Answers For Common Questions About Siding

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Three Answers For Common Questions About Siding

31 May 2018
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If you are wanting to upgrade your home, the addition of siding can be an excellent way of revitalizing the exterior of your home while avoiding major construction. Despite siding being a common feature for homes, there are many basic questions that homeowners will find that they need answered.

Will The Addition Of Siding Cause Permanent Damage To Your Home?

It is easy to assume that siding will be permanently damaging to the exterior of the home. Not surprisingly, this assumption can drive some individuals away from considering this option. However, siding is designed to be safely applied to the exterior of a home without damaging it. In fact, there are extensive precautions that are taken to minimize this risk. For example, a moisture barrier will be installed, and it will be able to prevent moisture from getting trapped behind the siding where it could cause rot or mold.

How Long Will The Installation Of Siding Take To Complete?

The entire process of installing siding will vary based on the size of the house that is receiving it, the type of siding that is being installed along with the number of workers assigned to the project. For most average-sized homes, the siding will be able to be installed within a few days. However, rain or other bad weather may delay this work as it will make it unsafe for the contractors.

Is Siding Difficult To Maintain?

A major selling point for siding is that it will drastically reduce the amount of work that is needed to maintain the home's exterior. Unlike wood, siding will never need to be painted, which can both reduce the work of caring for the exterior along with the costs involved. Typically, siding will only need to be washed every few months to keep it looking in good condition.

What Types Of Repairs Might Your Siding Require?

Siding is extremely durable, which will make the risks of it needing repairs low. However, there can be instances where particularly strong storms are able to damage the siding by warping it, removing it from the home or puncturing it. In order to repair siding, the damaged planks will need to be removed and replaced with new ones. Luckily, each plank of siding will be independently installed. This will make removing single planks a fairly simple task. In instances where the siding has suffered mild damage, repairs may be able to be completed in as little as a single afternoon. However, those with extensive siding damage may need multiple days for the damage to be completely identified and repaired.

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