4 Things To Know About Using Sealants On Metal Roofs

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4 Things To Know About Using Sealants On Metal Roofs

11 January 2021
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If you are having a metal roof installed on your home, your contractor will likely be using a sealant during the installation process. Here are a few things you need to know about using a sealant to ensure your metal roofing is watertight and will last for many years to come.

What Type Of Sealants Can Be Used On A Metal Roof?

There are two types of sealants that may be used on your roof. The contractor will use a caulk sealant that comes in a tube and is applied with a caulking gun or a tape sealant. It's important that a sealant is used for metal roofing, meaning that it is designed to hold together metal to metal connections.

When Are Sealants Used?

Your roofing contractor is going to use sealants any time there is an offset cleat or z-closure, both of which work with compression to hold the metal together. There is typically a base metal with another piece of metal on top of it, which makes it an ideal situation to place a sealant between the two pieces of metal. Sealants can also go between panel seams, where metal overlaps with two pieces, and generally any metal to metal connection where there is a concern that the fasteners may not be enough to hold the material together. 

When Should Sealant Not Be Used?

Sealants do break down with UV exposure, so they should never be used as a primary line of defense against water intrusion. A great example of when not to use sealant is to be the primary thing holding a piece of flashing material in place or taking the place of a fastener with any metal-on-metal connection. If sealant is the only thing being used, then the metal roof installation is being done incorrectly. 

Can You See The Sealant?

When a sealant tape is used, the material is going to be underneath two pieces of metal and tightly held together. You should never be able to see the metal sealant from the ground since a sealant is only used as a secondary defense. Therefore, you shouldn't be concerned about the color of the sealant being used on your metal roof.

Want to ensure your metal roof is being installed correctly? Reach out to a roofing contractor in your area for their assistance. It is the best way to ensure that there are no issues with your metal roofing installation and that the sealant is used correctly.