How Much Build-Out Does Your New Office Need? 3 Factors

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How Much Build-Out Does Your New Office Need? 3 Factors

28 April 2021
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When you lease a commercial office space, you will face many decisions that impact your business. One of the first and biggest is how large a build-out you should plan and budget for. Build-outs, the industry term for interior renovations to a commercials space to fit the tenant's needs, can be extensive or moderate. Which do you need? Here are three key factors to consider in your own situation. 

1. Budget

First and foremost, if your budget doesn't support a massive remodel, the business should scale back its plans to what it can afford. Most build-outs do receive some financial support from the building owner, so you may be able to negotiate more allowance to make up for a low budget.

If you can't get a large build-out allowance or don't have the excess funds, don't overstress your new site launch trying to make it bespoke. It may be wiser to ensure business continuity by getting the office up and running, and then plan for a larger renovation when you know your needs better and you have the income to support the expense. 

2. Existing Interior

An office has one advantage over many other types of commercial spaces: it can often fit where it's put. Offices generally have a similar layout to one another, so you may be able to work fairly well with what's already in the space. On the other hand, if the space is new, you may have little or no interior structure to work with, making an extensive build-out necessary. 

3. Target Audiences

Every business has a target clientele and needs to present the image expected by its customer base. In addition, an office also needs to attract and retain quality employees. So, what sort of image does your space need to project to accomplish these goals?

For instance, do your clients or staff expect a high-tech office or one that follows the latest trends in design? Then you may need to spend the money to update its look and feel. On the other hand, a law office may be expected to prioritize privacy, client meeting spaces, or workrooms. So an open office layout wouldn't be appropriate and would need to be altered. 

Where to Start

Begin assessing your build-out by consulting with a commercial contractor in your area. They will work with you to factor in any budget constraints, trends in your industry, and the existing layout to find the perfect solution. Call today to make an appointment.