Gardening Maintenance Materials For Late Summer And Early Fall

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Gardening Maintenance Materials For Late Summer And Early Fall

23 August 2021
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Your end-of-summer and early fall gardening endeavors and landscaping maintenance may require large amounts of specific types of landscaping materials. 

Here are some of the landscaping materials to consider having delivered this season as you get ready for your late summer and early fall gardening and landscaping tasks.

1. Mulch

Mulch can be very useful during the summer, as it can keep weeds down and help conserve water. However, many types of mulch can deteriorate somewhat over the long growing season, and by the end of the summer, they may need to be topped up again. This is especially the case with mulches that are biodegradable.

Topping up your mulch before the cold season can be very important since mulch has many other qualities that can help your garden in the coming fall and winter months. For example, a thick layer of mulch can help protect plants so they don't suffer as much frost damage to their crowns and roots. Mulch can also help avoid or reduce erosion damage during fall and winter rains and spring thaws. 

2. Grass seed

Late summer and early fall can be a good time to have some grass seed delivered as well. Depending on the weather where you live and the type of grass you have, late summer could be the ideal time to reseed, or you may want to wait a bit and do it in early fall. For example, some types of grass look best in summer, and you may want to add a type of cool-season grass to help your lawn keep looking great in the winter.

Or, you may have a type of grass that looks great almost all year but suffers in the hottest summer weather. This type of grass may need some care, such as reseeding to fill in stressed and dying patches once the hottest days have passed.

3. Soil amendments

Your lawn and your landscaping beds can better support your grass and flower plants if you keep the soil healthy. Adding soil amendments, such as compost, sand, peat moss, or other amendments (depending on what your soil needs) can be a great way to help keep landscaping healthy and happy. 

Early fall or late summer can be a great time to add these soil amendments. You can top dress compost directly on top of your lawn using a spreader or rake, for example. And you can add amendments to flower beds either by top dressing or by mixing the amendments in after removing spent summer flowers but before adding cool-season ornamentals.

These are just some of the types of landscaping materials you can and should consider having delivered in late summer and early fall. Get in touch with a landscaping material delivery company today to learn more.