Five Great Reasons for Pursuing a Manufacturing Job

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Five Great Reasons for Pursuing a Manufacturing Job

20 January 2022
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Do you dream of a job that touches millions of people? That job could be in manufacturing, where your handiwork finds itself in millions of homes. For example, if you are in a manufacturing job producing diapers, your end product will help make life comfortable for millions of kids. The manufacturing sector is also relatively easy to enter because you can get into it after different short courses, e.g., electrician, plant operator, food processing, fabrication, draftsman, quality control inspector, etc. So, why should you consider a manufacturing career opportunity?

1. Lots of Entry Level Jobs 

 Manufacturing has always been the place for new graduates to start their careers. There are many entry-level jobs in manufacturing that don't require any experience. Also, there are many opportunities for apprenticeships and internships to get hands-on skills. 

2. Satisfaction From Your Handiwork   

Manufacturing is a hands-on industry where you see the end product of your work. When working in the factory and touching or making something that touches millions of people, you feel good about yourself because your work makes a difference in peoples' lives. You know that many people will use your handiwork, and you also know that you impact people's lives in different ways.

3. Different Exciting Fields   

The manufacturing industry is very diverse, and you get in one of the fields including line manufacturing operators' jobs, electricians, robotics, instrumentation, quality control, food processing, etc. 

You can switch from one manufacturing job to the other in one of these fields. It makes you a more rounded person and expands opportunities for you. 

4. Career Growth Paths   

Manufacturing jobs are good because they offer opportunities for career growth paths. You don't have to be stuck in one role forever. When you start as an entry-level worker, your main responsibility is to learn the ropes of manufacturing. 

Once you are experienced, you can easily be promoted to a technician, then supervisor, and finally, a managerial role. If you do well in your job, there is no limit to how high you can climb. 

5. Good Pay and Remuneration   

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturing jobs are some of the best-paying jobs today. Entry-level jobs offer good pay and remuneration packages that help you care for your basic needs while working towards your goals.  

For example, machine operators earn more than many clerical roles. As you climb the ladder and become a plant manager or director, your salary package also becomes competitive commensurate with other managerial positions in other industries. 

Would you like to pursue a career with unlimited growth opportunities? Talk to a  career consultant about options for a manufacturing job