Four Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Rustic Country Look

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Four Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Rustic Country Look

3 November 2016
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When you plan for your next kitchen remodel, you'll want to consider a decor theme in addition to updating your appliances, cabinetry, and flooring. If you love the idea of a rustic country kitchen, use these ideas as inspiration when working with your contractor, and create a stunning space your whole family can enjoy.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring isn't just for the living room or the bedroom. Adding wood flooring to your kitchen can give it a new look and keep with your rustic theme. Your contractor can install a reclaimed wood floor for a unique look, or you can simply opt for wood tile flooring with a distressed finish. Consider extending this flooring option into your dining room or breakfast nook for a cohesive appearance.

Copper Vent Hood

While stainless steel vent hoods are a popular option for modern kitchen design themes, a copper vent hood can give your space a vintage rustic feel. You can select a plain design, or you can go for a hood with stamped detail work for a more unique option. Consider adding copper-toned hardware to your cabinets to match the vent hood and create a unifying theme in your kitchen. A copper backsplash behind your stovetop can also add to this look.

Butcher Block Island

If you want to add counter and food prep space to your kitchen by adding an island in the center, consider one with a butcher block top. Not only does this add to the rustic look, but it creates a space for you to do all your slicing and dicing without the need for cutting boards. Consider an island with built-in cabinets underneath and spice racks on the side to add to your existing storage space.

Rustic Lighting

Your lighting fixtures can add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen remodel. Wrought iron or copper pendant lighting above your breakfast bar can add extra illumination while sticking to your theme, and vintage-inspired lanterns can be hung from the ceiling to create a focal point in the center of your kitchen. Look for fixtures with seed glass shades to add a more antique-inspired look to your kitchen. You can also add wall sconces with distressed copper finishes to complete your rustic country look.

Talk to your contractor about your vision for your completed kitchen, and ask him or her for any ideas he or she may have used in previous projects. Together, you can create a stunning rustic look for your kitchen remodel.