Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

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Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

23 September 2020
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Remodeling your home is a great way to change things you're unhappy with and add value to your home. Learn how to remodel smart with future homebuyers in mind. These choices can help you recoup the majority of the remodel cost. Bathrooms are one of the best rooms to remodel in a home; buyers want luxurious rooms that look fresh and new. If your home has outdated bathrooms, it's time to remodel. Here are some things to consider while planning the job.

Floor Plan

The floor plan is something homeowners feel they're stuck with once they have the keys to their home. But if your layout is not working for you, you can switch it up. Some bathroom floor plans are more common than others, and you can often tell what year a house was built because of the way things are laid out. You can add value to the room by enclosing a toilet space that was previously open in a master bath or adding a second vanity sink. This type of renovation can be one of the most expensive things on the to-do list. You will need to meet with a plumbing contractor if you are relocating any plumbing related items. 


Renovating the shower can make a bathroom look brand new. There are a variety of materials to choose from and the fixture options are endless. Talking to a plumbing contractor about the space and how to properly drain a shower in your room is your first step. Another feature you can add is heated floors. The warm water flows through the tubing under the tile and warms the floor. This is a huge bonus in chilly winter months!

Water Heater

If you have issues with your hot water heater, you may want to inquire about a tankless system. Plumbers recommend these systems because of their efficiency in time and with your electrical bill. If you have a luxurious shower, you will want it to have hot water on demand so you can enjoy it.

Water Softener

If you live in an area with hard water you, will want to install a water softener. Before your new bathroom is used, you should prevent damage and preserve the money you've invested. Hard water has minerals that corrode pipes and fixtures over time. Sinks, shower heads, toilet tanks, and other appliances don't fare well with hard water. A plumber can install a water softener during a remodel and help you get your pipes clean and safe for your new fixtures in the bathroom.

Bathroom remodels can add value and help you enjoy your home more. Find a local plumbing contractor to help you get an estimate and go over these options for your bathroom.