Your Huge Commercial Building Doesn't Have To Have A Huge Energy Bill

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Your Huge Commercial Building Doesn't Have To Have A Huge Energy Bill

2 November 2020
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If you own the commercial building that your business operates out of, you likely spend a good bit of time each month checking up on the facility and making sure everything from the electrical work to the plumbing is as it should be. One other area that might require regular maintenance is your HVAC system. It can take a lot of energy to properly cool or heat a large commercial facility, but that doesn't mean you have to pay a large energy bill every month. With a little common sense and strategic thinking, it's possible to keep your commercial HVAC bill in check. Here are some money-saving tips to keep in mind.

You Can Install Programmable Thermostats in More Than One Area

Your large commercial building likely has a lot of people in it during the workday, but there might be areas that are less populated at times, and then there might not be any people there at all after hours. A programmable thermostat will, of course, let you keep the building at the right temperature during the day but then let it get a bit cooler or warmer at night when no one is there. Beyond that, a skilled commercial HVAC specialist could also help you set up multiple programmable thermostats that allow you to maintain different temperatures throughout the building whenever you like. For example, if the auditorium is only used once a week for an all-company meeting, there's no reason to keep that room at the same temperature as the rest of the facility except for that one day out of the week.

Get Your Duct Work Inspected on a Regular Basis

Your HVAC system's air ducts are what transport the cooled or heated air to the vents throughout your commercial building. Even a basic residential duct system can have some twists and turns where dust can accumulate, but the ductwork for a large commercial building can be especially elaborate. If you develop a tear or broken seal in any particular point along the ducts, air will leak out and your HVAC system will not be as operating as efficiently as it should be. A regular inspection from a commercial HVAC expert can ensure that everything is sealed and that the air is flowing as it should be.

Keep the Roof or Any Other Areas with HVAC Equipment Clear of Debris

It's fairly common for commercial buildings to put the HVAC equipment on the roof of the property. Whether yours is up there or somewhere else, you should be making sure that leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris do not cake up the insides of your system. Clean and sweep around these areas regularly so that the HVAC system has room to breathe and can bring new air into the system efficiently at all times.

For more information, reach out to a commercial HVAC technician in your area.