Top 4 Issues Solved By Professional Residential Roofers

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Top 4 Issues Solved By Professional Residential Roofers

23 March 2021
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Many residential roofing contractors recommend checking your roof regularly to determine when it needs repairs or replacements. But not all people can climb on top of their roofs using a ladder to inspect. The alternative way is to assess your roof from the ground while approaching the house.

If you notice a roofing need, you may be tempted to handle it yourself, but due to the complexities of roofing issues and the risks involved, it's advisable to seek professional roofing services. Here are some problems that residential roofers can solve:

1. Sagging Roof Deck

A sagging roof deck is often a sign that the ceiling joints are unbalanced and can no longer support the roof's weight. It can be caused by elements such as heavy rains, snow, or wind dropping off heavy deposits on the roof. 

Luckily, a residential roofer can handle all types of sagging roof decks. In most cases, this involves repairing or replacing the sagging deck. If the problem is severe, they may recommend a total roof replacement.   

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Your shingles can be damaged for various reasons such as old age, improper installation, or being blown off by wind. The issue of damaged or missing shingles should be addressed as fast as possible to avoid exposing your roof's interior parts to the elements. In fact, most people experience roofing leaks as a result of missing shingles. 

If your shingles are damaged or missing, that's a clear sign you need residential roofing services. If the damage is on a few shingles, you don't necessarily need a roof replacement, as repairs will work just fine. 

3. Blocked Gutters

Gutters help to drive water away from the house. If they are not cleaned, they are susceptible to blockage and won't divert water to where it's needed. Heavy rains can result in total damage to the gutters and subsequent flooding. 

If your gutters are blocked, call a professional roofer to unblock them. They will remove all the materials obstructing the free flow of water and clean the gutters. If the gutters have fallen off, they can either fix them or do a total replacement. 

4. Loose Nails

Loose nails should not be ignored, as they can lead to severe problems. If there is a massive storm, you could end up with missing nails, leaving holes on your roof. In turn, these holes provide an opening for water to penetrate your house, which could result in property damage and mold growth.

If you notice some nails backing out on your roof, it's advisable to call a residential roofer to fix the issue. They will assess the entire roof to ensure all nails are tightly fixed. For more information, contact a roofing company.