Recommendations To Help You Select And Order Aggregates

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Recommendations To Help You Select And Order Aggregates

6 October 2021
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The right aggregate added into your yard's landscaping features can provide you with a variety of benefits to your yard's appearance and value. Aggregate accentuates your yard and improves its appearance, but it also helps control drainage and erosion and acts as a good alternative to mulch because it does not decompose and you don't have to replenish it as a result. However, make sure you add in your aggregates in the right manner and using the right method so you have successful landscaped features for long-lasting value. Here are some tips to help you choose and use your aggregates.

Choose Your Aggregate

There are many different types of aggregate available from local home and garden shops and also landscape suppliers. You can find the right amount of aggregate from either option and can order it in bags or by the truckload to fulfill your aggregate project. 

Some aggregate is a coarse mixture of crushed concrete or a combination of larger rock pieces to use in your foundation project or a base for a gravel pavement. However, you can also find an assortment of beautiful and colorful aggregate for landscape borders and soil covering to provide you with visual interest and sparkle in the sunlight. For example, red or black lava rock along with crushed quartz or granite make a pleasant addition for your landscaping areas. Or, you can opt for pea gravel for a garden walkway for its soft texture and interesting shapes.

Calculate Your Needs

The amount of aggregate that you need will vary based on the type of project and the coverage area you have with your project. Before you order a truckload of gravel, make sure you know exactly how much you will need to finish the project. You don't want to order too much and have extra gravel that you try to find space for around your yard or your neighbor's yard. Similarly, you don't want to order an insufficient amount and have ground area left over without enough gravel to cover it. You will be returning to your gravel supplier for an extra order that you may end up paying for with extra transportation or delivery costs.

Complete an accurate measurement of your installation area and be sure to calculate in the proper depth of your aggregate needs. Convert your measurements to cubic yards or feet to help you capture an accurate estimate for your order. You can also use online calculation tools to help you measure and convert your needs into an appropriate order amount.