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4 Ways To Reclaim Your Basement From The Mold

20 April 2020
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If you have mold in your basement, you can't just ignore it because it is hiding under your house. Mold in your basement can impact the quality of air in your home and the structural integrity of your home as well as your health. Untreated basement mold can also easily spread to the rest of your home, causing even more damage. 1. Identify the Source of the Mold First, you need to identify and figure out why mold is growing in your home. Read More …

Awesome Features To Consider For Your New Shingles

27 November 2019
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Shingles: they're pretty simple, right? They sit on top of your roof and keep the rain out. This assessment is not exactly wrong, but it is a bit of an oversimplification considering how far shingles have come in recent years. These days, the best shingles are more than simple sheets of asphalt with some stone granules on them. If you're thinking of replacing your home's roof, there are a few features you should be looking for in shingles. Read More …

How To Remove Debris From Your Roof

21 August 2019
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If you have trees that hang over your roof, your roof may be filled with leaves, pine needles, and twigs. It is important to remove this debris from your roof before winter hits. Rain can wash this debris off your roof and into the gutters, causing a gutter clog. The debris may also impede the flow of water off of your roof, leading to ice forming on your roof. Trimming back your trees so debris doesn't wind up on the roof is recommended. Read More …

Why Summer Is A Great Time To Contact Local Deck Builders

12 July 2019
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If you've always wanted to add a deck to your home, why not make this summer the moment when you finally go ahead and contact local deck builders to help you get the job done? A deck can provide many perks that will be fun during the warmest months of the year. Here's why right now is the best time to build a new deck for you and your family or friends. Read More …

A Look At Professional Drain Cleaning Methods

24 April 2019
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You've probably cleaned out several drain clogs with a plunger or hand-crank snake, so when your drain develops a clog you can't break up, you may be stumped. Home methods of drain cleaning are often ineffective on clogs deep in a sewer pipe, and some clogs are nearly impossible to break through unless commercial equipment is used. Calling a plumber to clean the drain may be necessary. Here's how a professional might tackle the clog. Read More …