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When Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter, Don’t Forget The Gutters!

3 November 2016
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Winter is coming and your home depends on the roof and gutters to keep water and ice from causing potential damage. Make repairs to your roof before the winter winds blow, and make an effort to get your gutters ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Flush your gutter system. Before winter, flush out the troughs of your home's gutters. Use a garden hose and a little bit of dishwashing liquid to clean the segments, and to remove any debris, trash, or leaves that are clogging up the troughs. Read More …

Interested In A Home With Flood Damage And Mold? What To Know Before You Buy

2 November 2016
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Are you looking at buying a home that has had some water damage, and you aren't sure if the damages are minor or severe? If so, there are some professionals you can call to look at the different materials and the structure of the home, to see how bad the mold damage is. You don't want to move into a house that is potentially toxic, and you want to know how much it would be to remediate the problem. Read More …

The Easy Way To Install Laminate Wood Flooring On Your Own

4 November 2014
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One way you can refresh the look of your home is by getting rid of the old carpeting and restoring your hardwood floors. Even if you do not have original hardwood, it is easy to get the same look using laminate wood flooring. The installation process is easy, and you can do it on your own. Measuring The Floor Before you buy your materials, you will need to measure the room that you will be installing the laminate floor in. Read More …