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Buying A Home With A Well? Water Testing Is Important!

29 July 2018
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If you're purchasing a home that has a well, you'll want to make sure the water in that well is safe to drink. The best way to do that is through water testing. You can buy kits that let you test the water yourself, but they aren't going to be as reliable as letting a professional contractor handle the issue. The DIY option can mean issues that get overlooked or missed, and can also mean that you could be drinking water that's poor quality or even unsafe and not realizing it. Read More …

Three Answers For Common Questions About Siding

31 May 2018
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If you are wanting to upgrade your home, the addition of siding can be an excellent way of revitalizing the exterior of your home while avoiding major construction. Despite siding being a common feature for homes, there are many basic questions that homeowners will find that they need answered. Will The Addition Of Siding Cause Permanent Damage To Your Home? It is easy to assume that siding will be permanently damaging to the exterior of the home. Read More …

More Than Just Cracks In The Wall: 3 Tips To Repairing Exterior Damage And Stopping Leaks

25 March 2018
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Exterior finishes like stucco, brick, and siding should protect your home, but weather can damage these materials. If leaks go unnoticed, damage often gets worse and leads to water problems inside your home. Therefore, it is important to have repairs done correctly and promptly, especially with materials like stucco. Here are some tips to help deal with exterior leaks that lead to leaks and water damage: 1. Routine Inspection for Damage on Exterior Finishes Read More …

Want To Make Your Home Smart? Focus On The Most Impactful Upgrades

27 May 2017
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Transforming a regular home into a smart one is a process that any homeowner can undertake. Since there are numerous changes that you will have to make, you can focus on certain upgrades. This will allow you to devote your budget to improvements that have the largest impact on your life at home. It is ideal to think about these changes in how they can lead to greater convenience and noticeable savings. Read More …

Stamp It: 3 Steps To Keep Your Stamped Concrete Looking Beautiful

9 December 2016
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If you want your patio to have a distinctive look, don't settle for ordinary concrete. Instead, take things up a notch and have your contractor create a stamped concrete patio for you. Stamping allows you to create intricate designs right on the surface of your concrete. If you enjoy the appearance of cobblestone, but you can't afford the actual stone, your concrete contractor, such as Venters' Construction Inc, can design a porch that looks just like the real thing. Read More …